Search and browse the "Linked Data" with Datao

News: Our full presentation at the KnowledgeGraph meetup in NewYork is here.
News: Our "LinkedData search service" is online. Click for a demo.


1) Watch our guided tour :

2) Run Datao :

3) Join the community:

(This video can be downloaded here)
  • Open a command line.

  • Check your java version (1.8 is required. Java9 and above is not supported yet):

    java -version

  • Run Datao (read-only, as guest):
  • To go beyond guest mode, ask for your own read/write workspace:

  • Technical issues and general discussions take place on our Google Group:

The Datao Google Group

  • You can contact us via Twitter:


Note: A detailled 3-parts presentation of Datao is also available on Vimeo : part1, part2 and part3.

Note: A warning message may appear at launch time. It mentions the fact that the application runs as a desktop app, and may have access to your hard drive. This is a normal behaviour of desktop apps. Just click ok. The software DOES NOT access any personal data or alter any file.

Other inquiries

(demo, support, webinar, ...)

Feel free to contact us at:
For instant access, call us at +33 6 16 39 45 44.

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